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8 Things To Look For When You Hire A San Diego Plumber

Important tips when hiring a San Diego Plumber

No one wants to have to call a plumber, but when you have to, make sure it's the right one. Here are 8 things to look for when you hire a San Diego plumber.

San Diego plumber

Every year, a typical American household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water due to leaks. In fact, 10 percent of households have leaks that lead to the loss of 90 gallons of water every day!

Even though losing 10,000 of water every year may not harm your wallet (1,000 gallons of water costs about $1.50), water, especially clean water, is a precious resource that shouldn't go to waste.

To minimize this waste, you have to stay on top of your plumbing. But how do you find the best plumber, especially when you live in San Diego, a city with hundreds of plumbers?

Worry not!

In this article, we're sharing 8 tips that will help you find the best San Diego plumber.

1. Understand the Plumbing Problem You're Facing

The first step to finding the right San Diego plumber is to have a good handle on the kind of plumbing issues you're currently facing.

Believe it or not, some homeowners end up with the wrong plumber not because they hired an inexperienced professional, but because they brought in somebody who doesn't offer that particular plumbing service they need.

Yes, plumbers do specialize in certain areas! For instance, a plumber can specialize in repairing and maintaining sewer lines, while another can focus on household plumbing like bathroom renovations.

As such, understand the plumbing issue you're facing. This will help you ensure the plumber you settle on has expertise fixing plumbing problem you want fixed.

2. Get Personal Recommendations

In the world of business, only a few things are as powerful as a personal recommendation. If your friend tells you that they loved a product they purchased from shop A, you'll certainly want to buy the product from the same shop.

The same works when looking for a San Diego plumber.

Get on the phone and call a couple of your friends living in San Diego. Chances are they have had a plumbing issue before, and hired a plumber to fix it. If the plumber offered quality services, they won't hesitate to give a recommendation.

Don't forget to ask the people you call about the kind of plumbing issue they had. If the issue is similar to yours, put the plumber they recommend on your list.

Your aim should be to draw a list of 3-5 plumbers, after which you can proceed to the next steps.

3. Check Online Directories

If inquiries with friends didn't yield any result or you got one or two recommendations, head over to the internet and check online directories such as Yelp, Google Places and Foursquare.

Since these directories are typically national, don't forget to change location settings to San Diego, California. After initiating the search, these directories will populate a list of plumbers in your local area. Pick out a couple of names and add them to your list.

4. Check Online Reviews

Did you know about 91 percent of consumers regularly read online reviews when shopping for a product, service or brand?

Rightly so, online reviews are a solid indicator of the reputation of a brand or business. Reviews don't lie. If a San Diego plumber offers a horrible service, customers will quickly go online and duly give him poor reviews.

Therefore, make it a point to check the online reviews of all the plumbers on your list. Tick off those with bad or unsatisfactory reviews. If a plumber on your list has no reviews, tick them off, too. They probably just entered the industry and haven't had many customers.

5. Consider Experience (Number of Years in the Trade)

Look, like many skilled trades, it takes years to become a master plumber. The more experienced a plumber is, the less likely they're to make plumbing mistakes that could morph into costly expenses.

As such, it's in your best interest to consider the number of years your preferred plumber has been in business. The best way to gather this information is to ask them straight up. Alternatively, you can browse the "about us" page on their websites and read their history.

If it's a large plumbing firm, don't readily fall for the number of years the firm has been in business. An experienced firm can easily send a newly-hired and inexperienced plumber to fix your issue. Be sure to ask about the experience and qualifications of the plumber being sent over.

6. Is Your San Diego Plumber Licensed?

In the vast majority of states, including California, plumbers must obtain an occupational license in order to practice.

This means one of the things you must do to find the best San Diego plumber is to ensure they're licensed. A license means the plumber has met all the training and qualifications required to become a plumber in the state.

To check whether a plumber is licensed, simply ask for their license number and go over to California's Contractors State License Board website and check.

7. Cost of Service (Pricing)

Different plumbers will offer to fix your plumbing issues at various rates. They'll be willing to offer you free estimates.

Of course, by the time you get the estimates, you'll have an idea about how much the plumbing problem is going to set you back. Are the estimates in your budget range?

Don't be too quick to dismiss the priciest plumber, but you should definitely strike off from the list a plumber offering incredibly low prices. Such a plumber is desperate to close the deal, and will likely use low-quality parts.

8. Warranty

Any San Diego plumber worth their salt will be willing to offer a service guarantee. This means if the fixed issue recurs within a pre-determined timeframe (usually 1 year), they'll come in and fix it again -- free of charge.

If a plumber isn't offering a warranty, you're best advised to move on!

Now Go Find Your San Diego Plumber

With the information fleshed out in this article, you're no doubt in a better position to find the best plumber for your needs.

Don't have the time to go through the process of finding the best?

Why not contact A.S.A.P plumbing? We tick all the boxes above and we serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.