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7 Reasons It's Great to Know an Emergency Plumber

You never know when disaster might strike and when you could have a plumbing problem on your hands. Here's why you need to know a reliable emergency plumber.

Emergency plumber

Your holiday feast is ready, the house looks fabulous, the table is set with Grandma's good china, and your guests are due any minute. Of course, this is the perfect time for the pipe in the main bathroom to burst.

You have a few choices. Get out the rubber boots for everyone to wear, and have them wade up to the table, get your guests to use the restroom at the gas station down the block, or call an emergency plumber.

Being prepared for emergencies is always a great idea, but that can only go so far. You don't know when there will be a plumbing emergency and that's why it is always smart planning to know an emergency plumber.

We have 7 great reasons

1. You are Not the Expert

Don't try to fix it yourself, and don't let your brother-in-law try either unless that is who your emergency plumber actually is. You will likely make matters worse and can end up causing more damage and increasing the cost of the repair when you finally do call a plumber.

Even if you never miss an episode of the 'home fix it' shows, you are not the expert here. The best thing for you to do is call the plumber, not make a mad dash for your toolkit, thinking it only needs a few tweaks.

A professional plumber can not only fix the problem, but he can also spot potential problems and weak areas that may become problems in the near future. Besides stopping up the leak in the best way you can, don't try to fix it.

2. Emergency Plumbers Are the Experts

Not all plumbers are alike. Some may be very specialized in a particular area, but that won't necessarily help you when you are ankle deep in toilet water. An emergency plumber will know what to do with broken pipes, water heater problems, or any other household emergency.

Relying on someone you don't know or being stuck with someone that is willing to come 'take a look' for an exorbitant fee doesn't mean you are in good hands. An emergency plumber has the tools and the knowledge to handle any situation.

These are highly trained and experienced experts, with licenses and certificates and the knowledge to assess the damage, stop the problem from causing more damage and get it fixed fast and correctly.

3. Damage

Leaks, floods, exploding pipes and toilets, they cause a lot of damage. So can trying to fix the problem yourself. You want to get the issue taken care of as soon as possible. This is where knowing an emergency plumber can come in so handy.

Plumbers can be booked up for days, even weeks at a time. Your carpets won't thank you for spending precious hours on the phone or online trying to locate someone available or willing to come over during peak hours or holidays.

Knowing someone will be there right away, with your best interests in mind, and in a hurry, can save money and stress in potential damage.

4. Timing Is Everything

There is never the perfect time for an emergency but thankfully your emergency plumber is ready for them. They are on call for you, waiting to hear from people who need help.

They can get there, assess and fix the problem quickly, and that keeps the damage to your home to a minimum. They can also cost less, as the whole point of an emergency plumber is to get there for you during an emergency.

Even if they need to come over, and then leave to get replacement parts, they will still be able to stop up the damage to the emergency area and keep the damage to the home under control.

5. Cost

We all know that calling a plumber can be expensive, but the idea of an emergency plumber is frightening. But it doesn't need to be. Being on call means they are there, ready and waiting for your call.

Calling a professional whose profession it is to be an expert in an emergency will not cost above and beyond the regular price. They will have set fees and they will not try to gouge you or hold you hostage for work and pay negotiations.

They are not going to charge you more because you are taking them away from their holiday dinner or some other social function. They are there with their head in the game, your game.

6. Professional

Calling your emergency plumber from a well-known, trusted company means you are going to get quality work and that work will be backed up by name and by reputation.

You don't want to just have anyone in when you are having a plumbing crisis, you want a trusted name in plumbing who will take care of the problem fast, efficiently and not cost a small fortune.

You can ask to see their license and any certificates before they start work, so you can rest assured they know what they are doing. You don't want to trust emergencies to just anyone.

7. Peace of Mind

You don't need an emergency plumber every day, or even every week, but isn't nice to know they are there? Just knowing that in case something goes wrong, you can have an expert there right away to help you.

You put a lot of work and love into your family home and you want the best for it in any emergency situation. It's stressful enough dealing with a flood or clogged pipes, you don't need to worry about the quality of the work you are getting.

Be Prepared

Get to know the plumbers in your area and keep their number where you can access it, because you don't know when the emergency is coming.

Life is much more tolerable when we can keep our selves composed during a crisis, but it is also helpful to know we have experts we can trust in an emergency. If you live in the San Diego area and need to have some plumbing work done, call us and we will be right there.